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From now on, I have made the pledge to ocassionally post one of my favourite photos and give a brief analysis of the techniques used within the image. To inaugurate this tradition, I have chosen this image of these homeless children by the magnificent Raphaela Rosella:


Here is her website I located this particular image.

This is my favourite image due to Rosella’s credible usage of SWAT codes to promote empathy and sympathy for the homeless. I have identified some of the techniques used below:

•The bright lighting of this image reveals Sarah’s determination to restore structure in her life. This may be interpreted by comparing the yellow light that acts as an aura to the remainder of the foreground and background’s lighting that is considerably darker. The lighting sheds hope for Sarah and in expansion, the homeless as a whole.

•The symbol of the streak of light running across the river implies society’s support for the homeless. This is shown through the light originating from society (represented by the Merivale Bridge) and reaching out to Sarah and her companions.

• The proximity of Sarah and her companions suggests the intimate bonds that have formed whilst overcoming the challenges and struggles of living on the streets, without a proper home. As they crowd the comforting essence of the candle respectably close to each other during the night.


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