Purpose Statement

Initially my intention was to thoroughly investigate the disreputable issue of Homelessness during my stay in Melbourne. However, because I had already purchased tickets to PAX, I found myself to be far more intrigued by the topic of Gaming and how it is viewed by modern society in Australia. I assumed that this sudden change in interest was because I consider myself to be a gamer, so I had a firm bond to the other passionate gamers at the convention.

Although I am a gamer, previous to my departure for Melbourne and PAX, I considered gaming to be unhealthy and ruinous. This was mostly due to all the negative side effects that I had read about that can result from an addiction to gaming such as obesity, social isolation and in some cases an increased aggression. However, my perspective quickly changed because of all the wonderful and interesting characters at the convention.

The PAX event to me, seemed to be somewhat a haven to gamers. They didn’t care what people thought or said about them or their appearance, shown through their outfits at the event. There was Cosplay, where fans of games dressed up as their favourite characters to put smiles on peoples faces and bring a delight to the event. I originally came in with motivation to express my pessimistic view of the game phenomenon, however my point of view swiftly alternated to an optimistic view as shown in my photographs uploaded on my Project: Game Phenomenon page


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