Prime examples of ‘Indie Rock’ musicians

Last Dinosaurs

They are an ‘Indie Rock’ band from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. They originally formed the band in 2007 and as of this moment are still together. Their debut EP Back from the Dead received critical praise by Australian media critics including the likes of Triple J. 

Cage the Elephant

This is another ‘Indie Rock’ band from Bowling Green, Kentucky that were formed in 2006. Their first album named, ‘Cage the Elephant’ that was released in 2008 was incredibly successful, spawning numerous radio singles and gained the band a large following across the United States and United Kingdom. 

The Jungle Giants

They are an Australian four-piece band, which formed in 2011 in Brisbane, Queensland. The 2011 label they had signed stated that they have been “on a roll” since their single ‘Mr Polite’ took over the airways and YouTube in the same year. The last 12 months have seen them hit the road playing countless shows across Australia. 


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