A brief cover of 5 points a Fanzine must always have

Headline: This is a reasonably small statement above the event that must be attractive and catch the viewer’s attention. 

Byline: A byline basically discloses who wrote the story. 

Lead/Opening Paragraph: This paragraph is what the viewer sinks his/her teeth into. It covers all of the information in relation to the who, what, where, when, why and how within the paragraph. 

Explanation: After the first paragraph has been completed, this paragraph unveils extra facts and details that the writer believes the audience may desire. The writer must possess enough information to answer any valuable questions a reader may have after having read the headline and first paragraph. This particular section often includes direct quotes from witnesses and bystanders. 

Additional Information: This section is arguably the least important. If a situation occurred where the article was too protracted for the necessary requirements, it can easily be cut down without re-writing any other section of the article. This part can consist of information from a comparable event. 

The above information has been gathered from the following link:



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