‘Evolv’ Logo Thought Process

Peri and myself desire our logo to cover the 6 following factors: 

Simple: For a logo to be effective it should not be complex in its assembly otherwise it will promote the likelihood of viewers becoming bewildered or perplexed. It is also dangerous for a logo to be too simplistic in its concept or the viewer may just lose complete interest in the industry itself.

Distinctive: This is an incredibly important aspect of designing a logo that must be considered before the commencement of the design phase. A logo should always be rather obtrusive in their appearance and not blend in the crowd. It must be compelled to portraying the clients desired business requirements.

Relevant: You would have noticed by now that all major industries and their logos are strictly relevant to the industry, the client and the target market. For example, A skateboard company’s logo should not hold similarities to that of an accounting and finance company’s logo.

Memorable: From just having a brief look at a logo’s mien, it should leave an imprint on the viewer’s memory so it can be easily reminisced without stress. By having a memorable logo, it assists viewers in acquiring trust with the industry/company.

Timeless: A good logo design can last for up to decades without the need to make any major readjustments to the design. By avoiding trends common in western culture today, this promotes longevity of the logo.

Versatile: A logo that has been well designed will be appropriate for use across a large range of applications. By this I mean, it should look attractive on a business card or on the side of a billboard.

This information has been obtained from the following website, however it has not been copied word for word: http://trinitycollegestage2media.wordpress.com/


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