Business Plan Drafting

Product:  We will be selling a monthly-released fanzine that will be targeted towards reflective teenagers. It has been planned that we will contact this subculture through social networking advertisements and email consumers of indie-related music. Consumers of our fanzine will receive limited-time rewards that change per month. These rewards will vary from clothing discounts to free ‘Evolv’ stickers. 

Promotion: The cost of our ads on social networks such as Facebook is purely our decision. We may choose between a daily or a lifetime budget, as well as a cost per thousand impressions bid (CPM) or cost per click bid (CPC). We’ll only pay for the clicks or impressions we receive, up to the amount we set for our budget, and can view the cost of our ads in real time from our ads manager. Emailing consumers holds no significant cost worthy of elaboration.

Pricing: It is expected that we will be selling this fanzine ranging from merely a dollar to a maximum of two dollars. 

Presentations: We may be hiring a professional to deal with this aspect of the business plan. Currently, we have not decided what sale tools will be used for the selling of our products.

Place: As of this moment we have not came to a complete agreement as to where we will be conducting our business, however it will be on a monthly basis. This amount of time allows us to cover the most popular indie bands, and those that are finally obtaining recognition throughout western cultures. 

Personnel: This aspect of the business is unfulfilled. However, we assume that we will not be able to handle all of these functions ourselves and most likely will need it to be staffed. If this assumption does become actuality, then just incase we will sort out the wages, taxes and benefits that we plan to pay our staff. 

Productivity: We will be listing technological and personal factors that can enhance our time management and the productivity of our business momentarily. This will also include factors that may possibly interfere with productivity. 

Projections: As there are 12 months within a year, it is expected that we will have 12 issues throughout the length of a year. Otherwise, we may have to reconsider our business’ productivity and time management. 

Profit: This aspect of the business shall be completed once we work out the price of advertisements and staff members. 


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