Feature Article for Fanzine (draft)


  •  The Crowd goes bananas for the Arctic Monkeys



  •  These animals can not be tamed.


Introductory Paragraph:

  • The eleven year old band have been producing their cage-shaking music for quite some time now and still seem to be racking in endless amounts of notes. The English band has been renowned for their music which supposedly falls under the umbrella of indie rock although they have made adjustments to their genre of rock for each of their five albums. Including their live album ‘AM’ (2012-present).


Development Paragraph:

  • This can be said to be a dislikeable aspect of their band as it makes things vexing when attempting to pin a specific description to their style. However it seems as though if anything its given their fan base all the more reason to hold such endearment for them. This becomes apparent as a result of all four of their strictly unique albums climbing incredibly high in UK track charts for their years with the band’s 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th albums which all respectably made No.1.


Concluding Paragraph:

  • Little Birdy has told me that the Monkeys are currently performing all over countries in the United States to the United Kingdom. Also, on the 20th of September the notorious band was informed that they had been nominated for Best Alternative Act at the MTV EMA Awards 2013. So it seems as though things have just gotten more and more optimistic for the persevering squad. However people continue to question, will they still be as strong in the future as they are now? Only our dear friend, Time, can tell us…






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