Feature Article: Two Door Cinema Club

Gonna Need More Doors For This Club!


The northern Irish band have made an impressive profit from their efforts over the length of merely six years. Over this time they have released two studio albums. Only two albums in six years you say? Well I can assure you that the time spent on these two albums ensured their fans that it was definitely worth the wait. The first being called, ‘Tourist History’ which was given the honour to receive the Choice Music Prize for Irish Album of the Year (2010) the following year of its initial release. The second studio album which was released last year in September known as, ‘Beacon’ victoriously debuted at no.1 on the Irish Album Charts. From this it seems fair to say that their fan base are eagerly awaiting for the release of their third album which is said to be released early in 2015. You are probably regret questioning the time spent on those two albums now aren’t you?


To have only released two albums yet generating a fan base of a whopping 1.6 million people on Facebook and 330,000 on Twitter is abnormal and extremely impressive. It will almost blow your mind that this many people all came together to express their love for the same music which would not have existed if just three everyday men had not of came together. That’s just evolutionary. Their current singer Alex Trimble and lead guitarist Sam Halliday first met each other whilst both attending Bangor Grammar School and shortly afterwards met Kevin Baird who is at this present moment their bass guitarist. To think that something that seemed so miniscule could lead up to something this big in just six years. “Wow” is all that needs to be said for this great crew. If you happen to be in the UK then you have the opportunity to see their talent in action if you purchase your tickets now, be quick because they wont be available for long!




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