Robert Breer – Fuji (1974)

After watching this short film clip, I found myself a bit confused. In relation to what I had seen in the clip, I identified a variety of objects including mountains, birds, industrial plants and even people. In response to the clip, I was confused because of the plot. It was almost as if there were two stories being looked at, including a man on a train that goes past scenery of mountains on his way to a particular destination. However it made an unusual change as the inspector of the train approached the man looking out to the mountains. The man seemed nervous as the colours of the images flickered from red to light blue, and the rate in which they were flickering increased. That was how I interpreted that sequence anyway. But I was totally lost once the focus was directed towards the mountains, followed by a random flock of birds and then ultimately industrialisation. It was a weird but nevertheless an interesting clip to watch.


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