Realism in Film (District 9)

  • Realism is all about showing the truth.
  • A handheld camera or a camera on a tripod are typically used when shooting a realistic film.
  • Realist film-makers tend to use non-professional actors just re-enacting their day to day life as themselves in an attempt to promote the pragmatism of the film. This goes the same for their usage of light, which usually is natural (directly from the sun) as opposed to artificial lighting.
  • From a personal perspective, I believe that realist film-makers attempt to seek out the practicality of their generation and reveal it to a mass audience through film. Saying that, I believe the majority of realist films are often pessimistic, scarring and humorless. Some audiences tend to find that content uncomfortable to watch at times, but nevertheless realistic films are educational and help people understand the world a bit better.

I believe that the film, District 9, is an example of realism. I think this because the film still consists of the every-day sort of people, the use of a handheld camera and is filmed in a documentary form. The film takes place in an African country affected by poverty, however it appears as though those stereotypical impoverished residents we would expect to live there, have been replaced by aliens. This film still addresses the topics of refugees and poverty from a very true perspective. Therefore, District 9 is ultimately an example of realism.


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