The theory of the Auteur

The theory of the Auteur (French word meaning ‘author’) is the ideology that behind the production of every film, there is a particular person whose creative vision makes a significant influence on the making of a specific film. This role tends to be normally fulfilled by the director, as far as the audience is concerned, however this is not necessarily always the case. Granted there are very well-known and individualistic directors such as Tim Burton (who most recently directed films, ‘Frankenweenie’ 2012, as well as ‘Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter’ 2012), and Peter Jackson (‘The Adventures of Tintin’ 2011, and ‘King Kong’ 2005) who have undoubtedly satisfied the role of Auteur in some of their productions. Tim Burton for example, often adds notions of neo-expressionism to his films as well as his own creative integrity, and because of this audiences sometimes may even unknowingly walk into a Tim Burton film and innately recognise that he has made it through the way in which his films are directed. It cannot go unsaid that the Auteur of a film production is not always the director of that film. It could range from a screenwriter, scriptwriter, producer, executive producer or simply perhaps just the person who came up with the initial idea of the film itself. The Auteur is in summary, the person who assists in the creation of a film with the sway of their creative vision, their uniqueness or ‘spark’ you could say.


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