Short Film Brainstorming

Arms of Love (Surrealism)

Synopsis: A man no longer among the living after having committed suicide (as a result of grief and self-blame) wakes in a foreign place. A spacious, ghoulish and dark island expressed by bushland, canyons and chasms. Seemingly unheard of sunlight, clouded in mist and hopelessness. However this man perceives a light. Upon approaching the light he encounters numerous fragments of his past, including the image of his late brother who died in battle. Other spirits aspire to reach this light, some bad and some good. Trust is something that must be valued if he is able to reach the source. All of them have one similarity, they are all searching for a new place, a place to call ‘Home’. The light perceived appears to be originating from a lighthouse. At this lighthouse wandering spirits are said to enter a brighter world where war does not exist and peace is eternal. The perfect place to call ‘Home’.

How can it be made into a Neo-Surrealist film?: 

  • Abstract lighting sequences/schemes.
  • Alternation from 1st person to 3rd person perspectives.
  • Absent from chronological order (sequencing of events).
  • Unrealistic scenarios in the narrative.



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