My Review of ‘Other’, a short film production

The student who made this film has in my personal opinion, produced a potent short film that’s impressive to have been made solely by one student. The student has clearly put in a lot of effort and time into the making of this film, and has utilised a variety of technical codes to make this film as effective as it is. 

My personal opinion is that the student did undoubtedly create a good short film, covering all aspects of the production of film respectably. In certain features perhaps he could’ve gone a step further, like a more original narrative, more editing or more time spent on brainstorming and planning in advance of shooting. These I think, are what separated this student from an A grade and a B grade. An A grade was certainly achievable but I believe if he had spent more time on the fields mentioned then he would have gotten one instead of a B/ high B. 


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