Second Viewing of Mulholland Drive

Film Noir

  • Black and white colour contrast as Rita hides underneath the table in fear as she has just endured a car accident and has no idea who she is.
  • Black purse > notions of darkness and conspiracy.
  • Jazzy American music played as Adam searches for where his wife, Lorraine is in his house. Soon to find her having an affair with another man.
  • Adam’s costume is practically just black included his glasses and hair colour.
  • “That lead girl is not your decision to make” – Cowboy to Adam
  • The scenery of the ranch at night creates a subterfuge-like atmosphere through the limited use of lighting, Adam’s black clothes smothered in hot pink (draws contrast to Surrealism with a bright colour capturing audience’s attention) and the intimidating Cowboy.


  • Rita’s character is clothed in a black cardigan top and black suit pants.
  • Shift from suspenseful to dramatic music as Betty and Rita discover a dead body in Apartment 17.


  • The two men at the coffeeshop talk about the disturbed man’s dream. He mentions to his friend that “you were right over there by the counter” in the dream. As they go up to leave his friend waits for him at that exact same part of the shop he described.
  • A man who lived in the same complex as Betty apparently used to have a pet Kangaroo.
  • Ghastly music played very shortly as Betty discovers black lingerie on the floor of the bedroom.
  • Dramatic build-up of music during the meeting as the man spits out his espresso with a dissatisfied facial expression.
  • A bra-less woman wearing a blue sweatshirt casually and unashamed.
  • Transitions between scene of Adam driving home with a camera shot of palm trees to a scene of Betty relaxing on the couch daydreaming.
  • Dreamy like music as Adam drives towards the location in which he is supposed to meet up with the ‘Cowboy’.
  • When Betty and Rita go out at 2am and hail a taxi over, the headlights of the taxi and the street lights are abstract in appearance and are abnormally bright.
  • Dream-like transition as Betty and Rita go to the 2am magic show, the camera swishes over like someone sprinting at her from behind with smooth movement.
  • The magician holds his hands up in the air in synchronization with a clap of thunder that sends Betty into a sequence of shaking/rattling.
  • Does the singer hold resemblance to the woman found dead in apartment 17 (Diane)? Is there a connection between them? 
  • Diegetic music of the singer still continuing to sing (only present to Betty and Rita as they’re still frozen in absolute shock).
  • Cowboy sneaks in on the dead girl from apartment 17 (Diane) , “Hey pretty girl, time for you to wake up.”
  • Betty’s (Diane) trying to overcome her sorrow through pleasuring herself sexually, the camera constantly focuses and unfocuses on pebbles she is staring at.
  • The monster from the man’s nightmare holds the blue box. Underneath him is a paper bag which two little tiny people walking out of. They look like Betty’s (Diane?) friends from the start, the old couple.


  • The old couple chase Betty (Diane?) into her bedroom in a demon-like fashion, ultimately leading to Betty’s ultimate demise through suicide with a gun stashed in her bedside table.

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