‘The Blues’, Character of James

After reading over the Film Treatment I felt there lacked a sense of tension amongst the aspect of Matt and their group. To solve this, I changed the character of James to both create a deeper sense of realism in relation to modern society, as well as to make more tautness in the short film. This has been accomplished through manipulating the character of James to be more inconsiderate than before, his character now, is doubtful that Connor is as dispirited as he seems and does not think he will do anything irrational (alcohol abuse/drugs/self harm). I believe this makes it more realistic as in recent years, there have been numerous stories of suicide amongst teenagers and a big influence of this may be the lack of support or concern shown from close friends, making the depressed feeling even more insignificant and unwanted than they already are. This also leads to a more complex character fold between James and Grace/Matt, with them having more things to debate over in regards to the needs of Connor and promoting the potential of a physical fight.

As of this moment I doubt there will be anymore changes for Connor and the scenes from his perspective of the film. I don’t think we’d want to make the film too dark otherwise it may clash with Film Noir or just simply be too depressing.


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