Podcast for ‘Blade Runner’ Episode – Film Noir

  • Blade Runner is the quintessential Neo-Noir film to contemporary society. 
  • When this film was first released, it did not have any commercial success. They had to re-work and release a different version of the film for public access.
  • Science-fiction cityscape in the narrative of the film. 
  • Futuristic looking settings, very modern. 
  • Set 40 years into the future, but looks like it is 40 years into the past visually speaking (poverty/smoke/industrialized).
  • It is the story set in 2019 and based on humanoid robots who have decided to rebel and meet their maker on Earth. They want more life, this is a classic human drama. It is about desire, it is about wanting more out of life, its about life. 
  • Film Noir at its most potent is about notions of Moral Ambiguity. 
  • A blade runner is essentially someone who works for the police, hunting and tracking wanted criminals down.

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