Blade Runner – Feminism

This production was far more than just a simple Neo-Noir film. From where I had stopped watching the film during the scene consisting of Tyrell’s death, a lot more meaning was provoked through the events that had occurred in the film’s narrative. ‘Blade Runner’ drew my attention to a variety of ideas that still hold great relevance in modern society including this such as feminism. I felt that feminism was a very key ideology expressed through the characters of Pris, Rachael and Zhora. Ironically all of these female characters are replicants.

The character of Zhora is hunted down by Deckard, and once she realises that he is a blade runner; she flees through the streets of Los Angeles 2019. She flees through the rain practically exposed with a complete see-through rain jacket and is brutally shot twice by Deckard; falling straight through a series of glass screens and looked down upon from a high camera angle reinforcing how inferior she is and how disempowered females are in society.

Pris is another female replicant who is Roy, a male replicant’s lover. Pris finds herself utterly lost in the streets of Los Angeles and seeks refuge in a poorly lit alleyway, using mere garbage bags for comfort as if they were a blanket. This highlights the amount of security women have in this futuristic society, and how vulnerable they are to rape. To the audience’s surprise, Pris is approached by a man known as Sebastian; who offers her a place to stay for the night. This shows that women are for some reason, dependant on others for survival.

The third and final female character to be discussed is Rachael, who is supposedly Deckard’s mistress. There is one scene in particular where Deckard does not allow Rachael to leave his apartment, and practically forces her to take part in sexual intercourse. This creates a sense of rape as Deckard commands Rachael to say things such as “I want you”, “Kiss me” and “Put your arms around me”. She is being repressed by Deckard, and is defenceless in this particular scenario; unable to escape from him. Rachael has no choice but to give in to Deckard’s desires, and not her own.Therefore, this proves that female characters in ‘Blade Runner’ are repressed and subjugated by male characters. In expansion, it can then be said that women in society almost have the significance of prawns to men and are completely and utterly reliant on them to remain alive.


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