Early History of Film

Film initially started in 1895 with the Lumiere Brothers. The style of film at this time was a non-fictional, experimental genre that usually only concerned itself with science. Having understood this, it can then be said that the style of experimental film had a sort-of coalition with documentaries. Documentary film, if it had to be labelled to a particular movement, would be filed under Realism.

In 1933, Hitler was in actuality a big influence on film as he controlled Germany’s media. Through manipulating the media, he persuaded the people of Germany that were “racially-pure” to believe that the jews were vermin. Through the jews being represented as vermin (much like rats), they were then treated as if they were through using toxic gas in concentration camps.

After 1933 there was:

  • Great Depression in 1929
  • World War II in 1939.
  • Vietnam War in 1962

In these years for post-production, people working within the film industry had much longer processing phases than we do now since 1995. 1995 was the year when Digital technology was introduced into film.


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