Act 3 of ‘The Blues’ (May Be Changed)

Act 3 in one to three paragraphs. Dramatize the final conflict and resolution.

In another perspective change, it is revealed that the car Connor imagined was Matt as he tries to chase Connor down and talk some sense into him before he does anything irrational. A chase scene commences over a series of different camera angles, the sound of panting and slight sobbing and a lot of camera movement. Connor runs out onto the park and out from the corner of a tree sees another car coming towards him. Connor freezes in fright…

Connor opens his eyes and sees James right before him, having him pinned down to the floor. Then from Matt’s point of view, he bends over trying to catch his breath; still looking directly at Connor and James. Connor snivels saying how sorry is for the way he’s been acting and that he doesn’t want to die anymore because he’s too scared. Suddenly they hear a great crash, killing the moment shared by the three friends.

From a 3rd person perspective, the camera follows the three teenage boys as they run over to the sound of the collision. They see a motionless car and an older man getting out of the driver’s seat looking back from where he had came from. The three see this and look onwards to find Grace lying dead in the middle of the road surrounded by glass and blood. The camera makes a sudden transition to a camera shot right up close in front of Grace’s cold, lifeless face.



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