Realist Components in Film

Realism, started by the Lumiere documentaries, is all about showing the real truth. A realist will attempt to preserve the illusion that their film world is unmanipulated, an objective mirror of the actual world. They tend to strive for a rough look, with the belief that “if it’s too pretty, it’s false.” Thus this means that there is often a handheld camera or intelligibly a camera on a tripod when filming. There are also many more typical components present in a realist film such as: 

  • The utilisation of available light (often just the sun)
  • The usage of non-professional actors (real people playing themselves) 
  • They do not construct sites. Instead they use existing structures or outdoor locations
  • The plot often revolves around the lives of everyday people and everyday situations
  • Their productions often deal with social issues (depression, homelessness, drugs and alcohol abuse and etc.) 

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