Costume Design for ‘The Blues’

Connor (Michael Guerrini) : Connor will be dressed in dark-coloured clothes as well as a black hoodie over the top. Thus symbolising notions of death, something that is deeply considered by Connor throughout the entire film. In comparison to what the other characters are wearing, Connor will be wearing more winter-made clothes to therefore suggest he is much colder in his current state as he persists to overcome the loss of his mother. Connor may also just simply wear more layers of clothing than the others.

Grace (Laura Mason) :
Grace will be wearing arguably bi-gendered clothes (clothes that can be worn by either sex) justifying her as being a tomboy as opposed to a stereotypical girl. By doing so, it highlights certain masculine aspects present in her character such as bravery. This does not mean Grace will be a strictly non-sexual character or the hardy-type, she just will not be revealing as much bare skin as most female teenagers do in contemporary Western society.

Matt (José Mwipatayi) :
Matt will be wearing reasonably stereotypical clothes any boy their age would wear. This includes track pants and a t-shirt for example. However whatever he is wearing on the top will be in a light colour such as white, yellow or light blue. This is so Matt’s character appears as a more emotional person than your archetypal boy.

James (Tom Harris) :
James will wear considerably ordinary clothes for a boy, just like with Matt. However he will be wearing slightly darker clothing than Matt to justify his lack of sensitivity, or perhaps will wear a red t-shirt representing passion in himself as he is created out to be a rather self-loathing person.


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