‘Bleeders’ Music Video – The Trouble With Templeton (Analysis)

Bleeders – Music Video Analysis


This music video holds relevance to the character of Connor (the protagonist in ‘The Blues’) as this song revolves around notions of isolation, betrayal and abandonment. Beyond that I just genuinely think the music video was really well filmed and possessed archetypal attributes found present in surrealist films what with the ghastly presence in the video (the ‘dead’ people dancing in the background). It’s interesting though because these surrealist-like qualities are existent within a film-noir setting as the video is in a very dark and lonely forrest.

This video also shows that long-lasting shots can at times be very powerful and actually turn out to have a significant reaction from the audience when done correctly. As in the opening scene the camera zooms out, revealing how truly alone the singer is in the forrest. They can be very meaningful even when its simply just the central main character singing and walking towards the camera (as it moves backwards) and there are people in pale-white clothing whom may or may not be dead running past him back and forth.




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