Usage of Strong Language in ‘The Blues’ Script

It is discernible that cursing is particularly an essential aspect for the dialogue in this production. This is because our short film is supposed to be a realist production, meaning that it should reflect certain truths of the context in which it is based. Our short film is set in contemporary Australian society in a quintessential suburban area. And I feel that swearing has grown to become a norm within this particular society, especially when investigating the lives of stereotypical teenagers. Teenagers do so as they consume pieces of media which generally consist of crude humour, so ultimately they take the curse words learnt from the media and use them in their everyday lives. This is why when viewing our short film (once it has been produced), viewers will come across a few swear words. We haven’t used too many, as we want the film to still remain tolerable in a sense and as true to society as possible.



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