Film Noir/Neo Noir Comparison Plan

Film Noir Exemplar

Double Indemnity‘, an American film noir directed by Billy Wilder in 1944. The film is set in the late 1930s in Los Angeles and depicts of an experienced salesman Walter Neff who meets the seductive wife of one of his clients, Phyllis Dietrichson ultimately causing an affair between the two. Phyllis proposes to kill her husband to receive the proceeds of an accident insurance policy and Walter devises a scheme to gain twice the amount based on a double indemnity clause. When Mr. Dietrichson is discovered dead on a train-track, the police label it as an accidental death. However, the insurance analyst and Walter’s best friend Barton keyes does not buy the story and suspects that Phyllis has murdered her husband with the help of another man.

Neo noir exemplar

‘The Square’, an Australian neo noir film directed by Nash Edgerton in 2008. The film is set in a small Australian town in the same year of which it was directed. The film delineates of lovers Ray and Carla who plan to burn down Carla’s house at Christmas, to run off with her husband’s drug money. Ray has a side scheme going too, taking kickbacks on the love hotel project whose construction he’s managing. The suburban Aussie marrieds live across a river from each other, the much older, domesticated Ray in a upper middle-class neighborhood, Carla on the wrong side of the water. The cheaters will lure their families to the same Christmas picnic celebration, to provide alibis while still being able to sneak off and chat about the arson. Carla’s tow-truck owner hubby, Smithy, is a fearsome tough to cross, so will the philanderers’ holiday gifts come through, or explode in their lying faces?


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