The Cove/ The Elephant Excerpt

The Cove

  • 1st person perspective in the van, positions audience to relate to the person and feel as if they’re apart of the documentary.
  • Lighting of opening credits is disoriented and in black and white, perhaps implying that this documentary is looking into the past. Something that occurred and is now considered history.
  • It’s a documentary about whaling and the treatment of dolphins.
  • Brightly coloured with orchestrated music as the dolphins are playing with humans and doing special tricks in front of a large audience for their enjoyment. Positions us to support this kind of treatment to animal wildlife as opposed to hunting them for food.
  • A close-up shot of the mostly focused-upon person, revealing the passion he holds for the defending of whales and dolphins.
  • Uses video/audio documentation from 1962 to reveal how long this issue has been going on for and how significant it has grown to be over the years to today. And that excerpt from the past claims that as the dolphin is being captured, “It’s coming home, It’s safe”. People will watch this and believe it because they’ll respect them as scientists and their claims.
  • Surrealist music used when presenting the happiness of dolphins when they’re performing in front of humans and with their own kind. And not in unfair captivity.
  • The lighting of the scenes when boats are forcing dolphins to shore as they run for their lives is very dull and unedited. This is to show that this is the true reality of what happens to the dolphins and how they end up in captivity. They are restrained and captured by groups of humans and taken away from their habitats, and are completely defenceless.

The Elephant

  • Long shot from outside of the room, all the way down from the hallway, keeping a distance from the boy. Positions the audience to be afraid of him.
  • Bird’s eye angle positioning the audience to be completely petrified as they discuss performing a massacre in a school, killing children and teachers.
  • In the driving scene, the two murderous teenagers are dead silent and all that can be heard is the sound of the car’s motor and the driver breathing through his nose. This creates a lot of tension.
  • An extreme long shot as a boy in yellow runs away from the two teenagers prior to the massacre, and warns other people to not go into the school.
  • A tracking long shot of the boy in yellow as he runs over to a teacher and begs him to not go inside.
  • A shot in the girls toilets as they work on their hair and makeup ignoring the sound of gunfire.
  • There’s no editing or music, creating the film to appear as a realist production. There’s no music to glorify the killing of innocent people, making it a very confronting act for the audience.
  • A first person perspective as the girl in the library is shot. It isn’t something the audience would view and enjoy as much as they would in say Call of Duty. This is because it is a girl, a girl with glasses who holds the stereotype to not be a violent person but instead a person who studies hard and is innocent.
  • Its a confronting excerpt because they’re teenagers killing children and people their own age, there is a loss of innocence. It makes the audience question what happened to them and how they became like this.
  • A first person shooter scene from one of the killers’ perspective. Suggesting that to them it is simply just a game and not real life. Meaning they believe they can kill innocent people without consequence.




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