Exam Preparation Semester 1

Exam is worth 30%. 3 hour exam in the afternoon.

  • You need to talk about “aesthetics”, “alternative and experimental media”, “naturalisation of stereotypes”, “ethics and censorship”, “media construction”, “values”, “protagonist and antagonist”, “production context”, “codes and conventions” and “alternative audience readings”.
  • You need to understand “financial constraints” or “constraints of the media”. “Cultural identity” and “trends in the media”.

Section 1: Short Answer, 6 questions available and you must answer 3

Blade Runner, The Cove, The Elephant. Justify your choices with evidence from at least one of these. You can do the same film excerpt for more than one of these questions. Don’t forget about the context. Remember to only talk about the clip.

Suggested working time is 30 minutes. Worth 30% of the exam total.

Section 2: Extended Answer, 5 questions available and you must answer 2

You can do any movie/text you like, or talk about more than one in a single essay. It would be wise to do one of the films that has been studied in class.

Suggested working time is 105 minutes. Worth 70% of the exam total.


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