Defined as : A set of ideas and values that supports a particular social system or way of living. 

It has been said that people gain a majority of their personal ideas and values consequently because of the ruling ideology of the society they are raised in. This is a process often referred to as ‘naturalisation‘.

Studies which concern themselves with the topic of ideology intend to make people aware of these nonchalant ideas so that they may take into account alternative ways of acting and thinking.

The term ‘ideology’ was initially used by a French philosopher known as Antoine Destutt de Tracy in 1801 in an attempt to describe the ideas that underlie structures within society.

Once a presiding ideology is habitual, it is difficult for people to avoid its influence on everyday life. This is because an ideology is a system of ideas and actions, meaning that people are unable to simply change their way of thinking.

People in contemporary society believe that the core values in modern film and TV presents are ideological. By saying this, it is meant that these aspects of media represent the world in a particular style or way that supports the values and lifestyles whilst excluding divergent viewpoints.

The best way to unveil ideologies to others is through discovering common patterns held amongst a collection of texts. The representations made in film and TV do not reflect reality but merely represent the world as certain people imagine it to be.

Certain attributes found in the archetypal consumer in a capitalist economy are youthful and ambitious. Other attributes consumers endeavour to satisfy are ones made through the purchasing of products and services.




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