Evaluation on Fanzine, ‘Evolv’ – 2013

1. What elements of the production do you think were strong and addressed the task criteria and what areas do you feel the production could be improved and why? 

I think that the overall appearance and content of ‘Evolv’ were some of the strongest aspects of the fanzine. However I am currently under the impression that the production could have been more effective if the fanzine consisted of more pages and hence more content. 

2. How clear are the pre-production notes in identifying and explaining the context and purpose of the production? 

I believe the our notes prior to the producing of the product clearly outlined our initial intention and what we desired to create. We revealed a specific target audience and based the content in the fanzine around that just as we had intended. 

3. How well did the production address the intended target audience within the production and written submission? 

As previously mentioned I believe we were very clear when we stated our target audience within the notes prior to the commencing of the producing of the production. Within our content we tweaked the language used within so that it may appeal to reflective teenagers. From this I meant we attempted to adhere to the use of colloquial language including slang and typical everyday Australian-language to capture the audience’s attention. 

4. How useful was the self-evaluation in understanding the individual’s contribution and their understanding of the production process? 

It helped me look back and review the amount of effort I had put in to the producing of the fanzine. It reveals that I understand the production process. 


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