Evaluation on Game Phenomenon – 2013

This is where I will be uploading my personal evaluation on the Game Phenomenon. Here are the questions I will be answering:

1. What elements of the production do you think you were strong and addressed the task criteria and what areas do you feel the production could be improved and why?

I felt I was reasonably good in the Photo Essay phase of this piece of work and in specific, good at the photography as well as the editing followed shortly afterwards. I think the production could be improved if I had more advanced technology as opposed to using my Iphone 4. This is because although an Iphone 4 does still offer decent photography, in comparison to other more advanced cameras and such I don’t think the Iphone 4 is as good at specific camera shots and etc.

2. How clear are the pre-production notes in identifying and explaining the context and purpose of the production?

I thought they were pretty straight forward and easy to understand. They explained thoroughly my personal feelings on the subject of gaming and how gamers are not as respected as they should be. The pre-production notes showed that I want society to view gaming as any other hobby/profession, and not be underrated by any means.

3. How well did the production address the intended target audience within the production and written submission?

I felt the production’s addressing of the intended target audience was honestly a bit vague, however I desired this production to apply to all of society, as opposed to just specific cultures and groups. This is due to gaming applying to people of all ages, as there are a wide variety of genres within the phenomenon.

4. How useful was the self-evaluation in demonstrating an understanding and application of the production  process? 

The self-evaluation allowed me to realise how essential it is to prepare before commencing the production, and also how worthwhile it is to look over your work before making any major decisions.


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