Practical: ‘Evolv’ (Indie Rock Fanzine) – 2013

I will be completing an assignment on a Fanzine over a set period of 4 weeks. This assignment will be completed with the assistance of Marc Lane and Peri Angelo Libao, fellow media students. Firstly, I will be defining what a Fanzine is below…


A Fanzine is a small-circulation magazine produced by amateurs for fans of a specific interest, pop group, etc. These are made for the pleasure of others who share the same specific interest.

Publishers, editors and other contributors of articles or illustrations to fanzines usually received no financial compensation, meaning they don’t receive any pay for their work. A few fanzines have evolved into professional publications (sometimes known as “prozines”), and many professional writers were first published in fanzines; some continue to contribute to them after establishing a professional reputation.

The term fanzine is sometimes confused with “fan magazine”, but the latter term most often refers to commercially produced publications for (rather than by) fans.

Fanzines cover numerous genres such as: Horror, Punk, Rock and Roll, Comics, Video Gaming and Sport.

For our assignment, we will be creating a Fanzine based on the music genre ‘Indie Rock’ because we not only listen to this sort of music, we also are in the process of creating a band of the same genre known as ‘Sky Machine’.

What is ‘Indie Rock’? 

The term indie rock, derived from “independent,” describes the small and relatively low-budget labels on which it is released and the do-it-yourself attitude of the bands and artists involved. Although distribution deals are often struck with major corporate companies, these labels and the bands they host have attempted to retain their autonomy, leaving them free to explore sounds, emotions and subjects of limited appeal to large, mainstream audiences.

What is our magazine? 

For this assessment, Peri and I are going to be creating an ‘Indie Rock’ fanzine as you may or may not have read further above. But that is roughly all the information that has been publicised for you already, until now.

This ‘Indie Rock’ fanzine is going to be called ‘Evolv’ not “Evolve” to make the title more edgy and original just like the genre of music itself. This fanzine is going to be dedicated to reflective teenagers seeking their true identity, avoiding the probability of falling under the influence of stereotypes and labels.

This particular style of music is generally evolutionary (hence the name ‘Evolv’) or is a mash-up of either rock, alternative, pop and in some cases even rap. However, this fanzine is not purely about the music itself but in actuality is about the members of Indie Rock bands and how they came together, and what made them choose this path in their lives.

The truly astonishing thing about these musicians and their stories is that they are all different, and thats what Peri and I believe these targeted teenagers want to read about. They want to read about how individualistic each and every one of these people are, and why they make their music.


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