Game Phenomenon and Purpose Statement – 2013

Here is where I will be uploading the photography I have taken at the PAX event in Australia, Melbourne on the 19th and 21st of July (Shooting Schedule). The images uploaded will reveal my optimistic view on gaming. I have used my Iphone 4 to take this images, keep that in mind when viewing the photographs below.

Purpose Statement:

Initially my intention was to thoroughly investigate the disreputable issue of Homelessness during my stay in Melbourne. However, because I had already purchased tickets to PAX, I found myself to be far more intrigued by the topic of Gaming and how it is viewed by modern society in Australia. I assumed that this sudden change in interest was because I consider myself to be a gamer, so I had a firm bond to the other passionate gamers at the convention.

Although I am a gamer, previous to my departure for Melbourne and PAX, I considered gaming to be unhealthy and ruinous. This was mostly due to all the negative side effects that can result from an addiction to gaming such as obesity, social isolation and in some cases an increased aggression. However, my perspective quickly changed because of all the wonderful and interesting characters at the convention.

The PAX event to me, seemed to be somewhat a haven to gamers. They didn’t care what people thought or said about them or their appearance, shown through their outfits at the event. There was Cosplay, where fans of games dressed up as their favourite characters to put smiles on peoples faces and bring a delight to the event. I originally came in with motivation to express my pessimistic view of the game phenomenon, however my point of view swiftly alternated to an optimistic view as shown in my photographs uploaded on this page.

I believe the game phenomenon has grown significantly throughout the decade. It has grown to the extent that gaming is now considered a profession as opposed to merely a hobby which I find rather interesting. It appears as though the game phenomenon has brought people from across the globe together to celebrate their shared interests.

Photo Essay (6 Images): 

The Great Line of Melbourne (Original Version) 

Outside of PAX, early in the morning yet still a massive queue.

This was my original photograph of the outside of PAX, early in the morning yet still a massive queue. Please scroll down further to the very bottom to see the edited version of this image. Thank you.

Blinding In A Good Way

The great big sun shining down upon us as we huddle closely in our assorted lines.

The great big sun shining down upon us as we huddle closely in our assorted lines.

For this photograph I adjusted the lighting in an attempt to advocate a more positive and hopeful feeling in relation to gaming that it will not be undermined and frowned upon by society in the near future. With this adjustment, it easier to notice the differentiation between each and every person in terms of their appearances. For example, the middle-aged man closest to the left is wearing a rather old English coat whereas nobody else in either line is wearing anything similar. Thus, promoting the theme of Individualism and how gamers should not be disrespected for what they love.

Huddled and Muddled

A man's striped sweater in the midst of a delicate and friendly sunlight.

A man’s striped sweater in the midst of a delicate and friendly sunlight.

For this image I was actually quite pleased with the quality and focus of this image, seeing as I took this without looking down the lens. On a serious note, I have changed the lighting once again but to further promote the theme mentioned in the previous image. However, this time it was not as much of a focus on the appearances of gamers in terms of what they wore, but in relation to the impact gaming had on them. This man on the left that spans across the majority of the lens is slightly overweight, blocking the view literally from the rest of the line behind him. This is how a section of society view those that are unfortunately overweight, they pity, they insult, they tease them. They would make an example of this man, and then argue that gaming is a bad influence.

Feel the “Force” 

A sociable bearded man eagerly and excitably awaiting for his entrance into PAX.

A sociable bearded man eagerly and excitably awaiting for his entrance into PAX.

In this photograph, I have played around with the saturation and hue of this image through the usage of Photoshop once again. I also used a frame to cut off R, E, I, N of “Reinforcer” just to see what it would look like originally. However, I think it shows a certain seriousness in the image with the Reinforcers being on guard at the gaming convention, and in expansion helps imply the theme that gaming is not just a hobby, but in actuality can be a profession. Anyway, the saturation and hue of the photo I believe, draws out the friendly grin on the bearded man’s face and the smiles followed shortly afterwards from his companions. All in all, the image reveals the theme of professionalism and jubilation through the editing of saturation, hue and framing.

Uttermost passion, all in one place

Undoubtedly a staggering sight to see the assemble of these unique people at PAX.

Undoubtedly a staggering sight to see the assemble of these unique people at PAX.

For this photograph, I have tweaked with the lighting contrast to experiment with some of the possible alternations Photoshop has to offer. I personally think it gives a somewhat more abstract feel to the image, and makes the people within this image appear more unrealistic just like a video game. From this, I want viewers to obtain the idea that I have attempted to show the relationships formed between the gamers and the characters they play with in the video games. I wanted to unveil a certain bond between reality and fantasy, and how important it is to have a balance between the two.

Cosplay, Just cause play. 

Fans of video games, dressing up as their favourite characters. It doesn't get any better than that. It doesn't.

Fans of video games, dressing up as their favourite characters and showing the effort made into creating their costumes.

I have altered the depth of field for this image to promote a central focus on the three Cosplay artists and the effort made into the production of their costumes worn within the image. I paid very close attention to the lack of focus on the other people within the remainder of the photograph, this was due to myself not wanting viewers to gain the ideology that I was labelling them as insignificant in comparison to the Cosplay artists on the left. I want viewers to interpret this image as me saying that I am pleased to see such devotion and exertion into their appearances for the game convention. It really shows the passion and love for such an underrated phenomenon.

The Great Line of Melbourne (Edited Version) 

photo (2) copy

I have added a slightly more blue/green colour filter to stress my optimism for the gaming phenomenon. I chose this colour filter because I personally felt it brought out the likeness of the sky as well as the trees in the background. I like this change because I feel it shows the gamers’ ( both professional and unprofessional) pride in their nature and who they are as human beings.


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